Welcome to the Virtual Celebration of Sheep Farming 2020

NSA is looking forward to hosting the second of its virtual events celebrating the UK sheep industry. The next event running on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st October will focus on ‘Feeding the flock – and getting it right’, crucial at a time when many sheep farmers are looking ahead and considering their winter grazing and feeding strategies.

All at NSA look forward to producing an impressive line up of webinars featuring even more speakers and covering even more nutritional topics than covered at the first successful virtual event held in August 2020. Webinar recordings from the August event can be accessed at www.nationalsheep.org.uk/webinars - Why not take a look at the quality of webinar discussion we enjoyed in August, and now there is even more to come very soon.

As well as webinars, the October event will again provide a platform for trade exhibitors and breed societies to inform visitors about their news and products. Social media will yet again be used to deliver up to date announcements throughout the two days also!

Register below to join our event from Tuesday 20th to Wednesday 21st October.

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